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  • Why cash and bank reconciliations are important for checking accuracy of accounting records and identifying fraud?

  • Many NGOs and Companies use a lot of different controls to make sure that
    • Assets are safeguarded
    • Accounting records are accurate and up to date
    • Fraud and errors are prevented and detected
    • Staff are protected
    Anything else, lecture?

  • Dear Professor and team,

    Tax on Salary (TOS)

    I have an issue regard to tax on salary as below detail:
    • Owners of the company are Executive Director and Chief Executive Director
    • In payroll they both do not receive Salary,
    • But every paper work requests them to sign and authorize.

    Does the law acknowledge them as Employees?

    Please help.…[Read more]

  • Dear Professor and Team,
    During Tax Monthly February-2018 my company had some expenses transaction as below:
    1. Buy some items for Chinese’s New Year
    2. Give staffs some cash for Chinese’s New Year
    3. Staffs claim money for her/his gasoline for company business activities but accountant recorded as “Transportation”
    4. Phone Monthly Expense…[Read more]

  • Hello everybody. love to be here ;D. sangvat

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  • Internal Auditor:
    Cash is the most import thing to audit
    Second, AR
    Third, AP

  • Local wine producer sold 1,000 cases and price 100$ per case (included any taxes).
    specific tax = 1,000*100/1.1/1.35*90%*35%
    Public lighting tax = 1,000*100/1.1/1.03*3%
    PPT = 1,000*100/1.1*1%

  • Three kinds of liabilities you should know:
    Account Payable- For specific amount
    Accrual – estimated amount, incurred expense but no invoice issued yet
    Provision- uncertain time or amount of payment.

  • People always heard interst rate is positive ( e.g 5%) but before interest rate has negative ( e.g -1% per year)

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  • លោកគ្រូៈ តើសន្និធិ និង សារពើភណ្ឌ័ខុសគ្នាម៉េចទៅ? In a financial manual, they classify stock and inventories separately. Does my translation is correct of my first khmer sentence?

    • Hi,
      About khmer translation, different people , school, company => maybe different translation
      It is based on different context or country definition. Sometime they said stock included office supply and inventory, and inventory included: RM, WIP and finished goods.
      But I mention two big countries about these word between US and UK:
      – it…[Read more]

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