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Cambodia Taxation

All Tax Types in Cambodia

Monthly Cambodia Taxation:

  1. Prepayment of Profit Tax
  2. Withholding Tax
  3.  Tax on Salary and Fringe Benefit Tax 
  4.  Value Added Tax
  5. Specific Tax on Certain Merchandises and Services
  6.  Tax on Property Rental
  7.  Accommodation Tax
  8.  Public Lighting Tax

Yearly Cambodia Taxation :

  1.  Tax on Profit (Income)
  2.  Minimum Tax
  3.  Patent Tax
  4.  Unused Land Tax
  5.  Tax on Means of Transportation
  6.  Property Tax

Other Cambodia Taxation:

  1.  Registration Tax
  2.  Slaughter Tax
  3. Fiscal stamp tax

Other Knowledge About Tax:

Tax is the most important topic for business. If your business or organization does not comply with tax law, you will face problems such as penalty (10%, 25% or 40%) and interest rate of 2 % per month.

If you want to become tax expert, you need to know the following points:

  1. Accounting knowledge and experience: you cannot prepare tax on profit (income) without understanding what accounting and how to prepare financial statements (income statement, balance sheet). Because each company has each accounting policy, but tax law has only one rule for companies
  2. Monthly Cambodia taxes: if you want to declare tax on profit (income), you need to know monthly taxes. How can you prepare yearly tax without understanding monthly taxes?, so please read monthly taxes above carefully.
  3. Difference between accounting and taxes: before you can declare Cambodia Tax, you must know different treatment between accounting and Cambodia Tax. For example, party expense for New Year is accounting expense, but it is not expense (non-deductible expense) for tax purpose. Another example your accounting policy for building depreciation is 10% straight line per year, but tax depreciation for building is 5% straight line per year.
  4. Law tax and tax information: you need to read all tax laws and tax information carefully if you do not understand which part you may request explanation from tax admin or discuss with your friends.
  5. Different kinds of business : to understand all tax contexts, you should learn different kinds /industries of business such as service, merchandising, manufacturing company, import and export, construction etc.

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