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How to Write Attractive CV​ | Resume

Sample Format of  Writing Attractive CV | Resume

Writing CV | Resume is the most important for candidate because interviewers will review your CV or resume before they call or email you to interview.  You should describe detail about your job responsibility that you worked before.

Below is a sample CV writing by Phnom Penh HR. Candidates should write their CVs that are attractive to the reader, even if you do not have the experience, so that when writing a good CV, applicants will have a chance to get a shortlist for a job interview. Please follow the examples below in what should be written in your biographical CV.

Below is summary of  above sample CV | Resume.

Please remember that you must write detail for your previous job responsibilities. You will have high chance for first interview. You can read sample of detail Job Duties and Description for Accountant, Please visit Sample of writing detail job responsibility.

I Personal Details:

Personal details should have the following points.

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Permanent address etc.
II Education Background
  • Name of university, institution or school you studied
  • Study year
  • Degree of study
  • Major or skill you graduated
III Language skills:
  • list any languages that you know and learn
  • writing skill of language
  • Listing skill of language
  • Speaking skill of languge
  • Reading skill of language
IV Work Experiences:

You should mention more details about your responsibilities for each job that you worked before. Most of candidates wrote less about responsibilities.

Working experiences included the points below.

  • Name of company or organization you worked
  • Your position in each company
  • Working year at each company
  • Detail your responsibility for each company that you worked.
V. Achievement/ Other Qualifications

You should list any achievement except MBA, BBA  and international qualification  etc. you mentioned at point II above.

VI Hobbies (option)

You can tell reader of your cv about activities when you have free time.

VII Reference

Reference section will include points:

  • Name of referrer
  • Referrer Telephone
  • Position of referrer

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