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Job Description and Requirement for Credit Officer

Job Description and Requirement for Credit / Loan Officer

Job responsibility and requirements are important for credit / loan officers, so they should know what they will do or HR Department will state in employment contract . Below are job descriptions and requirements for credit officers.

Job Description for Credit Officer 

  • Develop and generate sales opportunities with both new and existing customers
  •  Build and maintain relationship with new and existing customers
  • Promote the Bank’s products and services among target customers
  • Meet and collect information from customers for loan applications
  •  Appraisal of customer loan applications and make recommendations.
  • Active participation in Credit Committee.
  •  Verify that securities are provided and forwarded for perfection.
  • Manage portfolio under him/her to ensure good performance.
  • Ensure all applicants are advised on fate of applications within reasonable time.
  •  Work with new and existing customers to understand their businesses and determine options to support them
  •  Perform credit analysis in accordance with the Bank’s Policies and guidelines
  • Prepare and execute loan contract and other related legal documents
  • Handle customer complaints and take appropriate action to resolve them
  • Monitor and follow up to ensure timely repayment
  • Operate in accordance with the Bank’s guidelines and policies, and in compliance with laws and regulations
  • Proactively manage risk/exposure for assigned portfolio continuously.
  •  Ensure recovery of items pledged as security on delinquent loans.
  •  Assist in the restructuring of debts in the interest of the Corporation and customer.
  • Assist in the grading and classification of loan accounts.
  • Manage Customer and stakeholder relations in accordance with agreed Service Level Agreements.
  •  Work closely with other team members within the Bank
  • Attend the Bank’s training program and continue self-development
  • Other duties as assigned by the Bank and manager.

Job Requirement for Credit Officer 

  • Bachelor in Finance, Banking or related fields
  • Proven previous work experience as credit officer
  • Sound understanding of lending products and process
  • Abilities to read and analyze financial information and reporting
  • Strong desire to work in a team and deal with challenges
  • Ability to speak and write in English would be an asset,
  • Work usually performed outside the office and sometime travel to the province.
  • Report writing skills, Excellent skills in analysis of Financials, communication, interpersonal, organizational and negotiation skills
  •  Be able to use Ms. Officer (Words, Excel, etc.)
  • Good communication, problem solving, negotiation, relationship building and interpersonal skills
  •  Cambodian national only and able to read and write Khmer
  • Good organizational and time management skills

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