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Job Description and Requirement for HR & Admin Manager

Job Description and Requirement for HR & Admin Manager

Candidates should know how to write CV / Resume for job respo9sbility of HR and Admin position.

HR Department will announce to recruit candidates for HR and Admin Manager, so we should know what we will write in job description and requirement for this postion.

Job Description for HR and Admin Position

– Establish HR standard, HR policy and  procedures
– Manage recruiting, testing and interviewing program
– Maintains company good employers .
– Make and update job description and job responsibility for employees.
– Conduct performance appraisal and proposes reward scheme on a regular basis
– Continually evaluates compensation policies and procedure
– Maintain and updates HR policy in regular basis and legal consideration.
– To establish Human Resources objectives, plans, budget and policies
– Conducting orientation and training programs.
– Other duties as assigned by top manager.

Job Requirements for HR and Admin Position

– Bachelor or Master Degree Human Resource Management or Related to field.
– English Fluently
– At least 4 year experience
– Understanding business environment
– Good in negotiation and communication skill
– Strong interpersonal skills
– High motivate person
– Initiative,creative, well planned and active
– Leadership and strong management skills
– Technically competent
– Ability to analyze, interpret and explain the legal framework regulating employment
– Integrity and honesty.
– Able to work under pressure and work as team work.

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