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Intern-Order Management 51 views

About Job

  • Company Name Expeditors Cambodia Ltd
  • Job Level Intern
  • Salary Range $0 - $200
  • Candidate's Sex Male, Female
  • Industry Type Service
  • Contact Person Mr. Ratha Kao
  • Phone Number 011-315-503
  • Email Apply for Job Ratha.Kao@expeditors.com
  • Workplace's address LSI Building, #03, 6th Floor, St. 1019 (Phnom Penh-Hanoi)
  • Company's Website www.expeditors.com

Job Details

  • Communicate with shipper (factory) for shipping commercial document to meet cut off time.
  • Checking shipping commercial document and scan it into system.
  • Prepare and confirm Master Bill of Lading (MBL) to meet carrier’s SI cut off time.
  • Checking draft MBL and save correct MBL into system.
  • Release an accurate original house bill of lading/FCRs to shippers
  • Prepare BL apply & release to shippers
  • Response email to both external & internal customer timely
  • Process carrier invoice to accounting
  • Communicate politely and firmly with all customers, with provision of exceptional customer

service in mind

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International transportation is one of the top 3 fastest growing industries. Expeditors, a Fortune 500 company, sets the standard for excellence in this growth sector, and we have opportunities for motivated team players who are looking for a dynamic place to work. We specialize in freight management in over 200 offices, on six continents around the world. Come join this advancement rich environment and be a part of a global network of success oriented professionals.

Brief Information :
  • Address Phnom Penh
  • Phone Number 016 774 201 / 017662 002
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