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Stock Manager 31 views

About Job

  • Company Name Sambath Fashion Shop
  • Job Level Senior
  • Salary Range $201 - $500
  • Candidate's Sex Male, Female
  • Industry Type Other
  • Contact Person Mr.Sok Sambath
  • Phone Number 096 806 0348
  • Workplace's address Phnom Penh
  • Company's Website No

Job Details

Sambath Fashion មានលក់ស្បែក ជើងខោអាវ នឹង ខ្សែរក្រវ៉ាត់ស្បែកសុទ្ធល្អលេខ១ដែរនាំចូលមកពីប្រទេស កូរ៉េ ថៃ នឹង ហុងកុង។ហាងយើងខ្ងុំត្រូវការជ្រើសរើសបុគ្គលិកផ្នែកដូចខាក្រោម:

Stock Manager

–         Cambodian, Male and Female

–         Age: 22-34 years old

–         Bachelor degree in Accounting or General Management

–         At least 3 years of working experience in the position related to the post required

–         Oversee and handle daily and monthly of inventory movement

–         Deal directly with the transportation company to following up the incoming products to make sure they are correctly with the schedules

–         Ensuring received items are physical in required condition and as per required quantity.

–         Maintain proper and accurate record of inventory for stock, incoming and outgoing shipment or delivery.

–         Able to compile stock report accurately into the required system.

–         Be able to use Quick Books or other accounting software is much preferred

Mr.Sok Sambath

Contact 096 806 0348

Email: soksambathgroups@gmail.com

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Sambath Fashion Shop មានលក់ស្បែក ជើងខោអាវ នឹង ខ្សែរក្រវ៉ាត់ស្បែកសុទ្ធល្អលេខ១ដែរនាំចូលមកពីប្រទេស កូរ៉េ ថៃ នឹង ហុងកុង។

Brief Information :
  • Address Phnom Penh
  • Phone Number 0968060348
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