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Web Developer 54 views

About Job

  • Company Name esoftix
  • Job Level Senior
  • Salary Range $0 - $200
  • Candidate's Sex Male
  • Industry Type IT/Technology
  • Contact Person Mr. Sao Savuth
  • Phone Number 092 678 082 | 099 99 83 12
  • Email Apply for Job hr@esoftix.com
  • Workplace's address Siem Reap Province
  • Company's Website www.esoftix.com

Job Details

Job Title: Web Developer
Location: Siem Reap
Closing Date: 28-Feb-18

Salary: 150$ to 250$

Job Responsibility:

  • Working as a co-worker and share knowledge.
  • HTML4, HTML5, PHP, CSS, CSS3, Java Script, JQuery, Design Layout (tools design, Photoshop..)​ Work with HTML4, HTML5, PHP, CSS, CSS3, Java Script, JQuery, and Design Layout (tools design, Adobe Family, Sublime Text, Notepad ++, Navicate premium, File Zilla, Crunch minify less to css …).
  • Maintain good relationship and building customer’s confidence​ (Support to client).
  • Understand eSoftix’s CMS software.
  • Good content arrangement & writing
  • Reliable to be coordinator with client, (Email or Phone).
  • Meeting and report to manager, Sep up Email Client,
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,​Install gram
  • Know about Trip Advisor and more online marketing services
  • Know exactly the goal of their work and projects
  • Exchange ideas with client.
  • Understand customer’s requirement.
  • Plan before process project website.
  • Find out about the latest technology.
  • Pay great attention and work quickly on a project.
  • Maintain good motivation
  • Schedule to clean office every day.
  • Manage all office supplies include documentary.

Job Requirement:

  • Graduate Bachelor or who interested
  • Computer Skill, Internet, Email, Microsoft
  • Experience at least 1year with web developer
  • General knowledge and technology understanding.
  • Intellectual person and able to work under pressure.
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills.
  • Good English writing and speaking skills


  • eSoftix will be orientation when candidate has past.
  • The illiterate staff, the company, will also teach to get more educated.

How to apply

  • Interested candidates need to submit CV, Cover letter with expectation salary to human resources department of esoftix the submitted document will not be return.
  • Address: Road #27, Watbo Village, Salakamreuk Commune, Siem Reap municipality, Kingdom of Cambodia or email: hr@esoftix.com Tel: 063 763 453 | 092 678 082.
  • This job has expired!
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eSoftix is a multi-information technology solutions provider in Cambodia , officially founded in March 2013 by a group of visionary Cambodian IT Students with a long track of working together successfully as a team. Each of our co-founder has a strong history and successful experiences within the IT industrial for more than 10 years. We specialize in comprehensive solution for the industries, Hospitalities, Restaurant, Companies, NGOs, Retail Shop, Trading, Custom Database Design and development.

Brief Information :
  • Address Siem Reap
  • Phone Number 092 678 082 | 099 99 83 12
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