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Professional Training | Practical Training | Job Training

Company or organization that succeeds in goal is based on factors involved in the organization environment, and one key factor among other key factors is management. Phnom Penh HR conducts professional training to managers or employees to become the best technical, skillful and practical persons who are assets for our valuable clients.

Phnom Penh HR will share about job training or practical training for actual work to your employees and management. Job Training includes the following practical skill and subjects:

1.Practical Accounting

Phnom Penh HR will help clients’ employees understand about accounting process, documents and financial statements closing. Financial statements included income statement ( statement of comprehensive income ) , Balance Sheet ( statement of financial position), statement of cash flow and notes to financial statements.

2.Practical Auditing

Practical auditing training included how to audit cash, account receivable, account payable, inventory, fixed asset, revenue, expense, liability. After auditing these items, we need to make audit report for internal purpose. Also we will guide how to audit income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow. Making sample or population are important for auditing and collecting audit evidences.

3.Practical Financial Management

Good financial managers need to understand accounting , financial management, taxation, accounting system and business environment.  Practical Financial Management Training will cover all areas such as financial analysis, working capital management ( cash, account receivable, account payable, inventory etc), business valuation, investment project appraisal etc.

4.Practical Cambodia Taxation

Taxation is the most critical part for business. Tax avoidance or evasion will affect your current business or organisation. Phnom Penh HR with our skill people will share monthly ,yearly and other taxes.

Monthly Cambodia Taxation : Prepayment of Profit Tax, Withholding Tax,Tax on Salary,Value Added Tax, Specific Tax on Certain Merchandises and Services, Tax on Property Rental,Accommodation Tax and Public Lighting Tax.

Yearly Cambodia Taxation : Tax on Profit (Income), Minimum Tax, Patent Tax, Unused Land Tax, Tax on Means of Transportation and Property Tax.

Other Cambodia Taxation: Registration Tax and Slaughter Tax.

5. Practical Management

In some cases, we will provide practical management including HR, Marketing and Management.

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