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Recruitment Service

Recruitment Service

Phnom  Penh HR is the best recruiter who can help employers for recruiting experienced and skillful employees and managers because we have different experienced team for many years in different managerial environment that will choose right people to match the employers’ requirement and expectation.

We have strict processes for choosing employees and managers instead of employers, and the main elements in the recruitment, selection and hiring process as follows:

  1. Develop a position description that includes a comprehensive overview of the job including the responsibilities, competency, relationship, experience, working conditions and expected benefits.
  2. Create well-defined selection criteria for use in screening candidate, testing examination and preparing interview questions.
  3. Ensure that the selection process is fair, consistent, well understood, and legally and professionally executed.
  4. Conduct thorough reference checks on final candidates.
  5. Conduct pre-employment testing as appropriate.
  6. Ensure that all candidates being interviewed are managed respectfully and receive timely and accurate feedback.
  7. Maintain goodwill with all applicants because everyone is a potential source for future relationship.
  8. Final candidates are sent to meet employers to make final decision whether whichever candidates satisfy employers’ requirement and expectation.

Our recruitment service is recognized the highest quality in Cambodia and reachable market. Phnom Penh HR is satisfied both candidates and employers.  we have good relationship with stakeholders.

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Our valued clients can contact us anytime (24/7) and we welcome every time and everywhere. Phnom Penh HR is the best company.

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