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15 Steps To Ensure Your Success in A New Job

Congratulations on your new job! If you’re excited, that’s good. You want to show up full of energy and excitement.While you  met some of your colleagues, there will be many new faces and names to learn. New things you will learn.

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Here are 15 steps to take when starting a new job to ensure you’re productive and successful as quickly as possible:

1.Start before you start.

Even if you haven’t officially started, you can lay the groundwork for a smooth start before your first day. Contact your friends, family and experienced people and see if they have any recommendations for how to prepare a new job. Ask for reading material on the company , products, service and related new job description and responsibilities.

2.  Be Friendly

Make a strong first impression on your colleagues by preparing informal, conversational questions that will help you connect with them on a personal level.

3.Take an organizational tour.

From your orientation guide or your manager or a colleague, also get a tour of the organizational chart. Know where the major departments are, such as areas you will likely work with and key support functions such as IT, finance and HR.

4. Connect With Your Team

Embrace the opportunity to connect with your team. It will stimulate professional growth. It’s easy to get inspired at work when you surround yourself with creative people. Introduce yourself to your teammates so they can feel comfortable enough to come to you when they want to collaborate. You’ll succeed at your new job if you know you can work well with your colleagues.

5. Ask For An Initial Review

Ask for feedback once you have familiarized yourself with your role, around week three of employment. It is best to understand expectations and make the necessary changes.

Asking for a review after a month of being at your job will impress your boss. It will show him/her that you want to improve and become better in your role.

6. Be Ambitious

While it’s important to be confident, you don’t want to step on someone’s toes.  Contribute and make recommendations for improvement, but do so within reason. As a new hire, you may not have the context about why a policy or process was set in place. Asking questions first will help you understand and assess processes accordingly.

7. Sacrifice Time to build your new job

Your boss hired you because he/she thought that you would be a great addition to the team. Make sure you show your boss that you’re dedicated by staying off your phone and getting to the office early. “Take some extra time to arrive early, stay a bit later, and take shorter lunch breaks during the first month.

8. Network To Understand Structure

It’s vital to connect with other people who aren’t necessarily in your department. Meet new people to learn more about the company beyond your direct role and understand how teams collaborate. This will make you better equipped to contribute and thrive in the current culture. Trying to make one new connection a day at work helps build your network to understand where you fit in in the organization

9. Work To Enhance Credibility

The first few months at your new job are important. You need to prove to yourself and your boss that you deserve to be there. As long as you’re passionate and you have a good work ethic, then you will mostly succeed.

10. Find A Mentor

While this might be hard to do in the beginning, it’s always a good idea to find someone who you can go to when you need career advice.  Finding the right mentor to inspire, motivate and provide strategic direction will lead you on the path to success.


Being successful at a new company doesn’t mean that you always have to bring new ideas to the table. It’s just as important to listen to your boss’s and peoples’ feedback so you can improve your performance.​​Listening is a great way to improve your work performance and minimize any misunderstandings.

12.Ask your manager for more (or less) work

Another critical area to confirm with your manager is the pace of your work. S/he will not know how quickly you pick things up or the full extent of your skills and knowledge. S/he may give you assignments that are too easy, or conversely, s/he may give you too much work or too tight a deadline.

13.Be Resourceful

Don’t rely on your manager or co-workers to help with every task you’re given. Utilize your resources, whether it’s the Internet, office files, or company manual, to figure out how to get your job done.

14.Observe Your Surroundings

While it’s important to focus on your work, it’s also critical to observe your colleagues and the office culture.This will help you easily adapt to the new environment.

15.Be Confident

One of the best ways to succeed at a new job is to believe in yourself. Build enough confidence so you can deal with negative feedback and explain your pitches to your boss without being shy about them. A strong handshake, eye contact and steady voice can go a long way. All you need to do is be ambitious, form true connections, and show initiative.


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